DATE: August 13, 2016

6:45pM - 10:30pM

Enjoy yoga after dark. The liminal time at dusk opens the portal to healing and sacred energies. Enjoy a cooling Ayurvedic meal, chant to the rising moon, move and drop into stillness as we transition into the magic hours of night. This will be a sensory experience. The asana portion of this program will be in candlelight. Space is limited so sign up early. Cost 108. (85 before July 15) All Saturdays take place in Brooklyn. Location disclosed with payment.

Run of Day:

6:00pm Suppertime

7:30pm Kirtan

8:30-10:30pm Yoga Asana & Meditation

Saturday offers students of yoga an all encompassing practice experience. Individually the practices of asana, meditation, and kirtan, and the science of Ayurveda are tools to help us cultivate balance and health in mind and body. Practiced together the yogi taps into the limitless potential of the human spirit.

Every Saturday is a unique curated journey through movement, stillness, togetherness and individual expression. We consider Self-discovery a human birthright, and the Spirit awakening in the heart of the yogi a most sacred and beautiful honor to witness.