New to yoga? Are you working with an injury? Ready to take your practice to a deeper level? I curate therapeutic and experiential private yoga sessions for client's unique individual needs. I do house calls or I can set up sessions at studio location.

I am your Yoga coach. I'll keep you honest and accountable. I will show you how our thoughts, actions, and life choices can nourish and support or be a barrier to your healing. We'll hack your brain and body with kriyas, pranayam, and gentle exercises to transform your life. It's a practice, not perfect. Long term shifts are typically experienced after three months of regular, committed practice.

Your first yoga consultation with me will be a conversation. A meditation. A deep dive toward your edges.

Contact me to set up a Free phone consultation or to set up a session.

Rates for 75 minute sessions

Single in-person session : 200
Package rates available. Please Inquire.

Photo cred: James Fideler

Photo cred: James Fideler